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A book without a website ... is well, a book without a voice. Book marketing is integrally tied to the web - it's how nearly EVERYONE searches for information, as well as books on a specific interest and topic. For your book to succeed you MUST have a website as part of your book marketing efforts.

In this age of social media,  a website is more important than ever. Websites play a vital role in the way readers discover new books. An author's Facebook and Twitter accounts must have a 'base' from which interested readers can discover more about the book and the author. A website can provide a high-ranking natural listing in Google when the author's name or book title is searched. This simple fact alone would be enough reason to create a website. A website provides an author with a static platform from which targeted, effective messages can be crafted and delivered.

Book-O-Mart Website: $695

Dog Ear created this website design as the premier book-selling tool for self published authors. Discover for yourself how Book-O-Mart adds bigger profits, greater control, and more satisfaction with each and every sale of your book. This is the type of website included in our Pro-Digital, Masterpiece, and Ultimate Publishing Packages.

Visit some of our authors' Book-O-Mart websites:

General Zoology: Investigating the Animal World by Dennis Holley is an amazing example of a multi-book site,  with a great number of resources for readers including a lab manual (a second stand-alone book promoted on the site.) This textbook is designed as a one-term introductory college zoology course.The author extensively utilizes his blog and allows readers to download excerpts as PDF files.

LAWYER GAMES: After Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil by Dep Kirkland is the TRUE story of the murder case that gave rise to the book and Clint Eastwood directed motion picture, Midnight In The Garden Of Good And Evil (follow his Blog progress and his use of video on his Amazon Author Page - Dep utilized our Amazon Optimization Program)

Teach Your Child to Read in Less Than 10 Minutes A Day! by Amanda Lowe presents parents and educators with a proven and reliable method of teaching young children of ALL abilities to read (a GREAT example of an author using her blog)

Mary Ann's Mountain by Mary Ann Rose Hart is a wonderful children's story (and another great example of an author using her marketing tools, and an AMAZING Amazon listing that was optimized using our Amazon Optimization Program)

Trailblazers: Book Two in the Guardians of Peace Series by Yvonne Doll and Ruth VanDyke explores the struggles two women face, as they spend the summer bonding and working together as cadets at West Point (a multi-book website, and another excellent example of social media use)

A rotating slideshow of many of our Book-O-Mart websites is below - click on any image to see a larger version.

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Standard Website:  $495

Dog Ear Publishing's basic author websites include all the important information about the book and the author. Our sites also include a professional-grade content management system (CMS) so that authors have access to updating the site's content.

Standard Website View Full Gallery

Open-For-Business Website:  $343

The Open-For-Business website is a single-page storefront site with a higher-profit author shopping cart (when compared to standard distribution sales).

Examples of our Open-For-Business sites:
DOUBTBUSTERS!: God Is My Shrink! by Bruce Leiter

Open-For-Business Website View Full Gallery