book marketing services


Cost:  $500

There are several ways for an author to solicit reviews for their newest work. You may go the route of a traditional, formal review service like Kirkus. You may instead embark on a press release campaign to take aim at various media outlets. Or you may take an alternate path…

Dog Ear Publishing is proud to present a unique platform to generate additional reviews and awareness for our authors called NetGalley.

NetGalley is a unique subscription service geared to professional readers – librarians, book reviewers, publishers, editors, literary agents, booksellers, media, bloggers, and educators. The service makes your title available for one month of exposure to these NetGalley subscribers (100,000+ subscribers).

Subscribers are permitted to view a digital format of the book for review, upon request. Activity and contact info for subscribers requesting copies for review is sent in weekly reports over the one month exhibition period.

Getting NetGalley Gets Reviews!

NetGalley is an outlet that potentially could generate multiple reviews in a one month display. This makes it an ideal solution for authors that want reviews, but don’t want to limit themselves to the singular opinion of a Kirkus style review service. And, although NetGalley’s subscriber base includes media contacts like a press release campaign would target, it also offers exposure to a larger subset of peoples and interests.

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