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Dog Ear Publishing is very pleased to introduce our web-based Author Project System (APS)!

To access this system you will need two things:

  1. Username - which is usually your email address
  2. Password - this is a uniquely generated password here at Dog Ear

As an active Dog Ear Publishing author, you should have received an email with both of these items included. If you did not - or if you have lost the email - please contact us and we'll send you your login and password.

Once you are logged in, to submit your book files, please click the “View” button to the right of the active project. 

On the Project screen, click the purple “Project Files” button towards the upper right.

At the following screen, click “Upload Files”.

To choose the file to upload, please click the purple Choose File button. Select a file from your computer (exactly as though you were sending an email attachment). Select the document type for the file you are submitting from the drop down menu (About the Author, About the Book, Manuscript, Cover Concept, or Image).

To add an additional file, simple click "Add Another File" and repeat the previous process.

Once you've selected all the files you would like to submit for your book, simply hit the green "Upload" button.

In order for us to begin work book we will need the below elements of your submission:

-   Manuscript: A single MS Word (.doc/.docx) or rich text file (.rtf) containing the entire interior of your book. It should be free from obvious errors and any re-submission will incur a charge. If your book includes images, be sure to include art references so that our team knows exactly where your images should be placed.

-   About the Book: This is a book summary of up to 450 words. The first 150 (or less) should be able to stand-alone. We will use this shorter summary for the back cover of your book. The full summary will be used for your website and your Dog Ear web page.

-   About the Author: This is your biography of up to 450 words. Again, the first 150 (or less) should be able to stand-alone. We will use this shorter biography for the back cover of your book. The full biography will be used for your website and your Dog Ear web page.

-   Cover Concept: All of our packages include custom cover design – but help us understand what you want by including your ideas. You can even list titles (let us know their ISBNs) that you think represent your topic or ideas well - and we'll use these to give our design team an idea of what you are looking for in a book cover. For more help developing a cover concept, I recommend visiting http://dogearpublishing.net/ak-book-cover-concept.php.

-   Images (optional): Please upload all images for your book (including cover and author images), one at a time. Select “Image” from the drop menu. For the very best print quality, please submit images as 300 dpi jpg or tiff files.

-   Notes (optional): If you have special requests for your project (font choice, font size, etc.), please type your instructions into the notes section of the submission page (below file uploads). If you do not have special instructions, don’t worry. Our team will create a beautiful, custom interior design for your book.

Once you have uploaded all of the final elements necessary for your book, you will need to click Finalize Submission at the bottom of the page. These finalized files will be used to build your book. It is very important that all materials are final and that all elements included in your submission.

By clicking Finalize Submission, you are telling Dog Ear that you are ready for us to begin our work. Once you have submitted files, your materials will be uploaded to Dog Ear. You will automatically receive a confirmation email.

Now, you will be able to review all submitted files through your Author Project System.

We look forward to building a great book!

This is an evolving system - so please don't hesitate to ask questions or send us your comments!

The Dog Ear Publishing Author Team

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