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Miles Nelson

BIOGRAPHY - Miles Nelson

To Miles Nelson, entrepreneurship is nothing new. The 1991 graduate of American University launched M. Nelson & Associates soon after receiving his diploma, diving headfirst into the graphic design and printing business. Since that time, he has never worked for anyone else.

"I grew the company simply through passion and diligence. There was no secret to success beyond making customers feel important, appreciated, and cared for," he said.

In October 2004, Nelson launched a second business, Dog Ear Publishing that provides "risk-free, self publishing." Along with co-publishers Alan Harris and Ray Robinson (who both come from extensive book-publishing backgrounds), the company provides authors with high quality publishing services, personal attention, affordable prices and the fastest turnaround times in the industry.

Dog Ear Publishing offers a full menu of publishing services from editing and layout to marketing and fulfillment. Each book is registered with all major online booksellers and national distributors as well as with the Books in Print database; each book is assigned an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). Books published through Dog Ear are also given a U.S. Copyright and Library of Congress registration. Books can be published in less than 6 weeks in print runs as small as a single copy. Holding true to their "risk-free" claim, if for any reason a writer is unhappy with the book, Dog Ear will either refund the author's money or republish the book.

Nelson's prior entrepreneurial experience instilled valuable lessons in customer service. "There are a lot of people in this town in the printing and graphic design business. But people did business with M. Nelson & Associates because of the relationships I developed along the way," he said.

Aside from being a dream fulfilled for many a fledgling author, Miles Nelson wants Dog Ear to be more. "When we got together to launch this business, we talked about creating the company we had dreamed of for many years," said Nelson. "We have high expectations for charitable community involvement and aspire to become the next Ben and Jerry's in terms of "feel-good companies." It's a place where both customers and employees feel special." Visit our Dog Ear CARES page to see our latest involvement projects.